Useful Links

Useful Links – Go Explore!

AAO   American Academy of Optometry
AOP   Association of Optometrists
B&L Academy  B&L Academy CET Wesbite
BCOO  College of Optometrists
BibOnline   BiB Online sales and products (incl. second hand)
CIBA Vision  CIBA Vision
DOCET CET  DOCET training site
GOC  GOC main site
EyesWeb  EyesWeb by Massi
IWSB  IoW Blind Society
IWOS Yahoo  IoW Optical Society
J&J CET  Johnson and Johnson CET site
LOC Hampshire   LOC Hampshire
LOC Stockport   LOC Stockport – amazing resource
My Local Optician  My Local Optician
Optician Magazine  Optician magazine
Optical Marketplace  Second Hand Sales etc.
Primary Health Net   Primary Health Net – optometry
SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network)  U.K. Optometry Forum